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Personal Training Gold Coast
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A Body 2 Fit Bride

Kate - A Body 2 Fit Bride

I started training with Jenny & Peter in May 2008. My fiancé and I were just told that our wedding ceremony & reception venue was closing at year end so our March 2009 date turned into 23 November 2008!   With 6 months to plan our wedding and myself, I went into panic mode!   I’ve always been relatively fit, but after a few sporting injuries and shoulder surgery in 2007 I definitely wasn’t feeling like the beautiful bride I wanted to be.   I had won a personal training session with another local company, but something about them seemed fake so I searched for other options.  I think A Body 2 Fit was the first one I came upon and I didn’t’ look any further.

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Janelle Manders
Director - HLB Mann Judd

HLB - Janelle Manders

I commenced training with Jenny and Peter 5 years ago. They were my last hope to ‘get fit’. Previously I had tried gyms, aerobic classes, exercise at home, and walks on the beach, none of these had lasted more than a couple of months and none had given me any semblance of fitness.

What makes me continue to train with Jenny and Peter week after week, year after year?

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Carol Monaghan

Loving Mother to Fitness Fanatic

When I decided to start losing weight 1 year ago, my daughter booked me in to see a personal trainer. It was the best thing that I have ever done. Weighing in at 110KG Jenny & Peter (a body to fit) started my lifestyle change. I had no motivation and certainly not a great deal of interest in exercise. I was always sluggish and tired. 

Jenny started me off with light cardio and then simple weight training. When losing weight and getting fit, motivation is a huge part of it. Both Jenny and Peter kept me highly motivated and focused all the time. This is where their expertise as personal trainers came into my life. Jenny helped me with my diet and encouraged me to eat healthier working out in a friendly and happy environment.

 To date, I have lost 35KG, nearly to my goal weight. Jenny and Peter have always supported me and kept me focused on my goal.

If you are an overweight person and need help I would strongly recommend you ring Jenny and arrange for a consultation, you won’t regret it !

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Karen and Emma Andrews
Grand Canyon Adventure Training

I had planned a trip to the United States for December of 2007 with my 11 year old daughter.  One of the highlights of our trip was to be a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  I researched the hike and was reasonably confident that we would make the 10 km trip down and 16 km return hike but I knew that the fitter we were, the more we would be able to enjoy the scenery.

So, about 8 weeks out from our departure I contacted Jenny Barlow and asked for her advice.  I found out that Jenny had hiked the Grand Canyon (to the bottom and back in one day) so she knew what to expect.  She also had a “no-nonsense” manner about her and focussed on what she could do for us to get us prepared in a relatively short timeframe...Click here to read more

Grand Canyon Training with A Body 2 Fit
Grand Canyon Training with A Body 2 Fit
Grand Canyon Training with A Body 2 Fit

Tracey Gardiner

I have been a long distance runner for many years now but as the years went on and the cartilage wears down, it seemed I spent more time injured than in training. At a point of desperation, Jenny recommended training for triathlon, swim, run and bike. Initially I thought, I could never do that! I can't swim and haven't been on a bike for years. Fortunately, if you know Jenny, you would know how persistent and passionate she is and was not about to take no for an answer.


Tracey Gardiner
Tracey Gardiner & Jenny

I decided I would do a small enticer to get her off my back and then go back to my "half pie" running schedule. With assistance in the right direction and a lend of a few essentials from Jenny, I actually finished my enticer triathlon, survived the swim, stayed on the bike and ran my way to a new, injury free and an excited passion with renewed hope. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but many of you will understand how devastating it is to have to consider giving up a life time of fitness due to recurrent injuries. I felt so proud of myself for pushing my comfort zone and getting into these small, fun triathlons. I brought a new bike and was quite content to continue in this comfortable zone. No..... Forget that idea says Jenny, you need to aim for Noosa now, an Olympic distance triathlon! What the... 1.5 km swim, I could never do that! Well, with a lot of encouragement, inspiration, handy tips and swimming training in the middle of winter, I completed the Noosa triathlon 2007 in 3hrs and 10minutes. Since then I have done many small tri's and another Olympic distance triathlon in Mooloolaba this year. With the combination of running, biking and swimming, I had my first season with no injuries and my fitness level and body shape have improved out of sight.

Noosa 2008, HERE I COME!

Dr Peter C Heiner
Medical Professional

I have been training with Peter and Jenny Barwick for over 10 years. I believe I am their longest standing client.

I have come into contact with Jenny Barwick when my wife arranged a Personal Training session shortly following my 40th Birthday. Like most professionals, I had neglected my Fitness.

The last 10 years regular training has become part of my life. Peter and Jenny run a family business with the aim to improving their clients health and fitness.

  • Each client has an assessment and personal goals are set
  • Training sessions are tailored to each individual's requirements
  • Motivation is never a problem

I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Your Sincerely,
Dr Peter C Heiner

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Jono Mendez
QLD University Student

Hi guys, I just want to thank you for being more than a trainer who gets results. You both have been fun training with over the past year and I look forward to the next butt kicking session : )


Emily 21
QLD Police Recruit

My name is Emily and I'm 21 and have just joined the Queensland Police as a recruit but i can pretty much guarantee passing my physical tests to get in had a lot to do with my trainer Jenny. I decided to apply last year in august and had been going to the local gym to try and build up my fitness but I was pretty hopeless at running. I needed to be able to run a 2.4km run in 14 minutes and when i received my notice for my run test in three weeks time I realised that I would need a lot more help. This was when I found A Body to fit and rang Jenny. I spoke to her about my fitness needs and she was very honest and up front about what training I would require. I trained intensely for three weeks in which I was pushed to run and train harder then I ever had before and on my testing day i passed my run in 13.42. If i had not had the motivation and drive from Jenny telling me to keep running and not stop I would not have been able to make it! I continued my training every week improving my endurance and speed and am now proud to be an official police recruit. I passed my run again at the academy and shaved another 28 seconds off my time. I am now fitter then I ever have been in my life and every time I run I can still hear Jenny in my ear yelling for me to keep going and don't stop, don't stop!

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