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Personal Training Gold Coast

Personal Training Gold Coast
A BODY 2 FIT Pty Ltd


Triathlon, Running, Fit Mums, Dads & Kids, Event, Career, LIfe Challenge & Corporate Training

Throughout the year several clients and their children choose to take part in a variety of activities from Fun Runs, Walking, Cycling and other sports,  including individual and team Triathlon.  Some clients even tackle the more uncommon events such as the Marathon, the Kokoda Trail or even a take on a career change requiring a higher fitness level such as the Police Force or the Army.  All these activities and life choices require an increase in motivation in order to achieve.  In doing so, the clients self-esteem increases and countless goals are achieved!!  Fun and enjoyment is the key and personal achievements are numerous.  People of all ages achieve goals they once never dreamed possible!

“The look of self-satisfaction on the face of a client is one of great pride to any trainer!”
Jenny Barwick – A Body 2 Fit

 Triathlon Training

Over the past 11 years Jenny & Peter have participated in a variety of Individual and Team Triathlons.  They have trained and introduced many clients to the booming sport of TRIATHLON.  They have physically taken clients through their very first triathlon competing & training alongside them in their race to achieve their desired goal and run down that finish chute!

“The only limits on human achievement are self-imposed.”


Jen, Emily and Kaitlin ...what a team - Triathlon Training
Triathlon Training Triathlon Training Triathlon Training


A Body 2 Fit have the experience & diverse qualifications allowing them to structure a program which is individually suited to YOUR needs as a beginner.  They will train right alongside YOU ensuring that you get the most benefit out of each and every training session.  Swim, Cycle or Run, they will advise and nurture your training program on the road to YOU becoming an experienced athlete with the ability to train independently in a safe and appropriate manner. 


If you’re an experienced triathlete, then obviously you HAVE the motivation to get out there, put in the hard yards and go your hardest!!


Jarrod Runs Out - Triathlon Training

HOWEVER, do you feel as though you’re still not racing to YOUR full potential?

A Body 2 Fit can help YOU achieve YOUR desired result by offering YOU -

  • An indoor training program focusing on strength, flexibility and stability which will get YOU the BEST possible result.
  • A program which focuses on all the areas which YOU either neglect, or fail to complete!
  • Offer YOU ongoing support, encouragement and motivation whatever YOUR desired goal may be!

“Train like a horse – think like a bumble-bee "

Feel free to contact Jenny at any time to discuss YOUR training needs

 Running Programs

  • Are YOU looking to get fit?
  • Do YOU want to lose weight?
  • Have YOU always wanted to be able to run but can never do it on YOUR own?
  • Have YOU started to run and always given up after a few weeks?

Jenny Barwick

Jenny & Peter at A Body 2 Fit can show YOU the safest most effective and enjoyable way of learning to run!

If YOU are already a runner but would like to train for a particular event then we can develop YOU an individual training schedule as well as a strength & stability program which will help YOU perform at YOUR best!

Triathlon Training Triathlon Training Triathlon Training Triathlon Training

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 Sport Specific Training

    • Are you training for a particular sport and want to step to that next level?
    • Are trying to qualify for a particular sporting team or make selection for a specific event?
    • Are you suffering injury each week?
    • Do you feel that you need some help with regards to better fitness, strength or rehabilitation.

    "Whether it be an individual or team sport,  A BODY 2 FIT can develop a program based specifically on your what your sport requires from you"

    Peronsal Training
    A Body 2 Fit Mixed Touch Football Team 2008

A BODY 2 FIT sponsors and supports various sporting enthusiasts.By taking part in a Personal Training program you will -

  • Excel above other players
  • Gain confidence
  • Decrease your risk of injury
  • Increase strength, flexibility and agility
  • Give yourself the best opportunity possible
  • Be the best you can be!
"A BODY 2 FIT will evaluate your fitness level and provide you with safe, effective and time efficient program to enhance your overall performance"

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 2 Fit Mums & 2 Fit Dads

  • Are you feeling tired, sluggish and unhappy?
  • Are you Overweight or lack motivation?
  • Do you constantly suffer back pain from nursing or lifting the babies?
  • Are you preparing to have a baby and want to feel better before you take on that new life challenge?
  • Would you like to be able to cope with mother/fatherhood better?
  • Do you feel the need to get out, interact and have just a little bit of time for YOU?
  • Are you too embarrassed to join a gym or feel that you need that individual help?

A BODY 2 FIT can show you how to improve your quality of life and get you looking and feeling fantastic! 

Jenny and Peter have two children, Kaitlin (age 6) and Ryan (age 3).  Apart from being highly qualified, they also have experienced the pressures of becoming a parent.  They have the knowledge to show you how to cope with the sometimes ‘unexpected joys’ of parenthood!  Maintaining their business, coping with the everyday pressures and being constantly on the ‘go’ as a parent isn’t always the easiest of tasks. 

If you are looking to improve your self-image and lifestyle prior to becoming a mother then Jenny has the answer for you!  Several clients have trained with Jenny prior to becoming pregnant, continued right throughout their pregnancies and then returned to training (with baby by their side) post-pregnancy.  

Fitness and Lifestyle

Fitness and Lifestyle

A BODY 2 FIT  will provide you with:

  • pre and post-pregnancy exercise programs –  the WORLD’S BEST MUM!
  • exercise programs for DADS - you can be the WORLD’S BEST DAD!
  • safe, effective and individual training programs tailored to YOUR needs
  • a combination of enjoyable exercise programs to avoid boredom
  • nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice and support
  • encouragement, motivation and a reason to keep going! 


  • increased fitness level
  • weight loss and strength
  • weight control throughout your pregnancy
  • increased energy enabling you to cope with the everyday pressures of parenthood
  • improved circulation – no more bad backs or sore legs
  • quicker post-natal recovery
  • improved postural and pelvic floor strength
  • relaxation and the ability to FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF! 

Programs can be conducted both indoors or outdoors – individual or train with a friend.
Mums and dads are welcome to bring their baby in a pram at any time!

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Jenny Barwick - Trainer

Jenny Barwick - Trainer


 Kids Triathlon Squad


Would you like your child to be more energetic, happy, confident and successful?

  • Does your child spend too much time in front of the TV or computer?
  • Is your child training for a specific sport or event but requires some  extra attention to a particular area?
  • Did you know that today 1 in 3 children between the ages of 2 – 19 are overweight or obese?

Kids Triathlon Squad - Gold Coast Personal Training for Children
  • Kids Triathlon Squad will give your child a body that feels good, works well, has more energy and can do all the things they need it to dos

  • Kids Triathlon Squad will improve gross motor skills and development as well as increase self confidence

  • Kids Triathlon Squad will create a more energetic, successful and happy child by improving their overall, fitness, health and well being.

A BODY 2 FIT Pinkie Pin-Up Team 2012  A BODY 2 FIT Pinkie Pin-Up Team 2012  


Kids Competing

Jenny Barwick

Jacob Murray


What does being overweight mean?

  • illness and health problems
  • hard to keep up in the playground
  • hard to walk or run
  • difficult to breath or trouble sleeping
  • teased at school
  • embarrassed, angry and unhappy
  • look rounder and bigger than others
  • lack of self esteem and confidence
  • segregation and lack of interaction with others 

Why Choose A BODY 2 FIT to help you?

  • people are leading busier lives
  • more time being spent at work
  • less time to cook healthy meals
  • fewer schools are offering gym classes

Junior Training Timetables

Come along and Join the A BODY 2 FIT Cyclone Juniors!

* Learn to do your first Triathlon  * Improve your times and compete in events 
OR  * simply come along and have some FUN!

Winter Junior Training Timetable (as the weather warms up again the children will then progress to Triathlon as normal for the Triathlon Season)

Junior Triathlon
Lake Hugh Muntz, Mermaid Waters
4:00 - 4:45pm
Ages: 4 - 15 years (All levels and abilities)
Cost $13
Junior Triathlon
Lake Hugh Muntz, Mermaid Waters
4:00 - 4:45pm
Ages: 4 - 15 years (All levels and abilities)
Cost $13
Junior Cycling Development Group
Meeting on Stadium Drive at CBus Stadium (Skilled Park) Robina
4:00 - 4:45pm
Cost $13

Jenny and Peter have worked with a variety of children offering programs for weight loss, fitness and sport specific training.  They encourage children to participate in Fun Runs sports and other various activities.

Parents are also welcome to attend the training sessions with their child (however, this is not a requirement). This builds a great relationship, increases parent/child communication and offers support to both involved.

Please feel free to call Jenny at any time to discuss your child’s needs!

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 Career or Life Challenge

RunningPolice Force   RunningArmy/Navy   Running Weddings   Running Kokoda Trail    RunningIllness

  • Are you working towards a CAREER CHANGE?
  •  Have you taken on a LIFE CHALLENGING EVENT?
  • Have you experienced ILLNESS and are now faced with the task of establishing a healthy lifestyle?

Career Training - Police

"Do you require an overall lifestyle change including an increased fitness ability and
improved body image in order for you to achieve your GOAL?

Various clients have approached A Body 2 Fit looking for a career in the Police Force.  In order to meet requirements all students must PASS a Fitness Assessment.  If you’re looking to become a Police Recruit we can help you get as fit as possible.  Call Jenny to organise an immediate fitness assessment and we’ll have you on the road to your new career as a Police Officer
See Testimonial – Emily, QLD Police Recruit


Maybe you are reaching 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 70 years of age and have decided that it’s time for a life challenge such as the Kokoda Trail or maybe a trip overseas to hike the Swiss Alps, or the Grand Canyon - Read Grand Canyon Training Testimonial Here.  Others have even decided to take a cycle tour and follow the Tour De France whilst some wish to increase their fitness for active holidays with the family such as snow skiing or water skiing.  Whatever your challenge may be, A BODY 2 FIT can combine a strength, agility, flexibility and cardiovascular training program in order for you reach the pinnacle of your challenge. 

Are you getting married and want to look your absolute BEST?
Why not try our YOUR SUCCESS approach to help you lose weight, decrease body fat, tone up and get fit for that wedding and honeymoon!

Other individuals are at high health risk or some require rehabilitation.  These clients are often referred to A BODY 2 FIT with the doctors aim being the establishment of a safe, monitored and effective exercise regime. Cardiovascular disease is one of the largest causes of death in today’s society.  High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and overall ill health due to high pressured work, stress, unhealthy food choice, smoking and lack of physical activity are reasons for an immediate lifestyle change.  A BODY 2 FIT can place you on the road to an active, healthy and gradual lifestyle change!
See testimonial - Dr. Peter Heiner 


A Body 2 Fit Testimonials
Read here about Kate's amazing Wedding Transformation...
A Body 2 Testimonials


Jenny Skiing Colorado
Unhealthy Living
Ski Colorado
Hike the Grand Canyon
High Health Risks

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 Corporate Training

A BODY 2 FIT (Pty Ltd) provides training to all types of businesses wishing to improve workplace morale and teamwork via a Healthy Lifestyle Program.  Both Employer & Employee will reap the benefits of a regular exercise program with A Body 2 Fit.

Jenny Barwick - Trainer


"Give your COMPANY the edge and give your STAFF

 Employer Benefits
 Employee Benefits
  • Increased Productivity
  • Energetic, happy and motivated staff
  • Less sick days & stress leave
  • Less compensation costs
  • Increased staff retention
  • Great way of attracting QUALITY staff
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased self esteem
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Physical improvement
  • Mental improvement
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better overall lifestyle

Janelle Manders
Gold Coast Half Marathon
Janelle Manders - AB2F Client

Read Testimonials from Janelle and Other Clients from "A BODY 2 FIT"

Did you know that research done by the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare showed that 54 percent of Australians are either overweight or obese? 

Obese workers are 17 percent more likely to be absent from work due to personal illness or injury then non-obese workers, and for longer time when they are!

If you would like to find out more about our various Healthy Lifestyle Programs please feel free to contact us by email or please feel free to call Jenny at any time.

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